Work with me

“People say growth is about hacking, I say it’s about teams, analytics and proven lead generation tactics”.

I can help with:

1. Growth Process Implementation

  • Setting up your first experiment
  • Running weekly growth sprints
  • Ideation workshop
  • Dashboard + Analytics set up
  • Low-hanging fruit discovery
  • North Star Metric picking.
  • North Star Software Implementation + set up

2.  Analytics Audit + Set Up

  • Complete analytics audit
  • Documentation of the key events and visitor segments on your site/app
  • Step-by-step installation guide
  • Installation of tracking codes on your website and/or app
  • Reporting setup
  • Campaign tagging strategy
  • Analytics tool training

3. Lead generation through Side Project Marketing & Automation

  • A step by step process to ideating, creating and launching your side project to attract high quality leads.
  • Linkedin & Facebook Lead Generation.
  • Implementing best and proven practises.
Growth Processes


Growth isn’t about hacks, it’s about your team and their process.