Hi, I am Ricardo Ghekiere

I help B2B SaaS companies create repeatable, scalable and profitable growth models in a processed way.

Your company doesn’t need growth hacking, they need a structured & hands-on approach to run more experiments.

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The misconception about growth (hacking).

How growth doesn’t look like (swipe right).

One of the most common terms used to describe growth in a B2B SaaS is a hockey stick. The idea is that things like users, page views, or revenue starts growing at a normal linear pace and then, once an inflection point is hit, growth takes off at an exponential rate.

How growth really looks like (swipe left).

Growth is very similar to when you were a kid trying to eat sand. The only way to know what works for you, is by testing your assumptions. The more things you experiment and try, the more you’ll know what actually helps you grow your company. 

3 core things I focus on right now

Because nobody is good at everything.

Growth Process Implementation

I think we won the national record for scraping emails and sending cold emails at scale. It doesn’t work. Real growth comes from running structured experiments to learn faster than your competitor and building more value to your customers.

Side Project Marketing

Remember that free cheese you got in the supermarkt? It wasn’t given to you because of your beautiful eyes. Marketeers know that giving real value upfront is key to convincing customers later-on. I love building cheeses in the digital world.

Growth & Design sprints

It’s hard to lose focus sometimes. Who do you hire for growth teams, what are your growth levers and how do you test at high tempo without losing sight on what really matters to your users?

There are only two ways to grow your company.

Growing from someone else’s user base

Your users are already solving their problems in various ways, let’s figure out where they are and how we can offer your better solution.  

Growing from your existing user base

Would you rather trust your best friend recommending a product or a paid add showing you how great their product is?

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